The doorway to greater awareness opens inward!

Transforming your life is a very powerful and exciting thing to undertake. Think about this word transform. Break it down into two words. Trans - to go beyond and form - our body all of our physical boundaries that we experience in our lives.

Transformation Definition:

An act, process or instance of transforming or going beyond our limits. Especially a change in function of changing new variables.Transform suggests changing from one form of appearance ,structure or character.

Transforming your life isn’t a very involved or lengthy or difficult process. Try it on that it can be done in any given moment of your life.You can actually change your life in a matter of moments like I did. It's simple, change the words you say and the thoughts you think. Your internal dialogue has an enormous effect on every aspect of your life and you can alter it in a positive way beginning right now with this blog!

“The door to transformation turns inward.” This is a very different idea than what I was told or taught.I was constantly looking outside of myself for the answers to the the deep meaningful questions in life.Like why am I here?” “what is my purpose?” ‘how can I serve?” I, perhaps like you, was always seeking validation from the external world. What I’ve discovered is that the validation that I so desperately sought could only be found within me.The source of all things runs through me. When I learned this one simple trick, to be still and listen to that divine intelligence that’s when my life began to change!

Scott! Get to the point, I’m assuming you're saying? The point is this.Listen to your voice.How do I do that Scott? Glad you asked! It's simple! BE STILL! What? That's right be still. Practice slowing down, quieting your thoughts and allowing time to sit still. There's a great saying,’that the root of all man's problems are because of his inability to  sit still alone in a room” We are constantly on the go and I feel like we have been conditioned away from this simple practice.So to get back in communication with this divine intelligence that, in my experience, is all around us, I had to practice listening deep listening and to do that I had to practice being still.

So here's your action step! Begin a short practice of slowing down and taking some time to get into a relationship with your source.Whatever that looks like for you. Quit breathing in the car on your way to work, meditating in the morning when you get up, taking time in the middle of the day on your lunch break to go outside and appreciate nature, it's a practice and in my experience these practices are ever evolving. So there's no dogma here no wrong or right way to discover this amazing gift within you. The key to this practice is to BEGIN!

Warm rays of a Conscious man

The warm rays of the sun, caressed my skin in angelic fashion. The warmth of the suns fingers created a feeling of comfort around my body. No more worries, no more mistakes, no more pointless avenues of thought. Presence, that’s exactly what i had in this very moment. The presence to enjoy what my body was feeling. And, in that moment, I grew exponentially in the area of consciousness, because i allowed my consciousness to finally take over. I became, in every sense of the phrase, a conscious man. The greatest kind of man.

In that very instance, I realized what the sun was doing for me, exactly what the people in my life needed me to do for them. Something that I’d failed to do in the past. The warmth the sun draped over me was the emotional, spiritual, and mental warmth everyone around me needed me to shower them with. A warmth so judgeless, that it not only brings protection, but garners beautiful growth within each and every one in my vicinity. Each and every one that i claim to love, but fall short of the love they deserve constantly. I mess up, we fuck up, it’s time for me to acknowledge that and do better, quite simply.

The Sun, becomes our guide and tutor on what it means to be a man, to provide for those we love. The Sun, is consistent, rising every day. Judgeless, shining on every piece of the uncovered earth, without a thought of reimbursement. You see, the sun can only shine on what’s revealed and it understands that, like we must. The sun doesn’t move with aggression, but more of only passion. A passion fueled by the betterment of those around him. What’s the sun’s purpose other than sustaining life around the galaxy? The Sun, is extremely kind, giving the needed nutrition everyday as we have to do, with our words, building those around us up constantly with words of edification and love. Think about the sun, pinpoint everything that i missed that it does for the earth, everyday, and create a parallel between you and your family, that’s what’s helped me.

If i were to write a biography, this is where i’d start, at the beginning of something amazing. This. This thing that we’re building, that you are going to become a part of is on track to change the world. Simply, by changing the men who reside within it. Consciousness is the first step to progress, realizing where you lie mentally is vital in our growth. If you recall, the only way i had the epiphany of what exactly the sun was doing for me was after i allowed myself to be present in its presence. There are so many things to be taught, and learned. Presence, loss of expectation, empathy, compassion, loyalty, honor, respect, drive, unconditional love, and so so so much more. Beautiful thing about it is, we all have one or the other to learn from one another. Guests on the podcast, blog features, and videos. Scott will be your guide through the terrain of life and consciousness, but there will most certainly be helpful figures along the way.

Dive in with us, on this journey of reinvention and conscious development. Be a conscious man with us. For the world, for our families.